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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Cash?

  • It's a community currency gift certificate program that supports local Chamber member businesses. Buy it from the Chamber and spend it at participating businesses in our area.

Once I've Ordered, How are the Certificates Delivered?

  • You will receive two emails: a purchase receipt and an email containing PDFs of the certificates.
  • Email certificates to your recipients or print them at your home or office.

How Will I Know Where I Can Spend the Certificates?

  • Each certificate will come with a complete list of participating merchants. Click the "View Participating Merchants" button in the payment portal to see a current list.

How is Change Handled?

  • Each merchant will have their own process on how to handle left over dollars on your gift certificate. Some may offer a cash back or store credit, while others may require the gift certificate be used in total upon use. Contact individual merchants to learn their policy.

How Do I Issue Returns or Exchanges?

  • If you have yet to receive your redemption check from the Chamber, then simply mark the certificate as unredeemed within your Merchant Portal and return the item as usual. If you have already received your latest payment from the Chamber for your past redemptions, let us know and we'll reimburse you 93% of the original gift certificate. Returns can be denied with Community Cash at the merchant's discretion. 


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