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State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire: Cynthia Paschen

Posted on 09/28/2020 at 01:42 PM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

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What do you believe are the two most pressing challenges/opportunities facing Iowa’s ability to attract talent and workforce? What are your plans to address them?

Families are drawn to Iowa because of good schools and childcare and opportunities for enjoying recreation, clean air and water. We need to increase funding to our public schools, and provide increased funding to parks and recreation and improvements to our water quality.

How will you help protect and expand Iowa’s reputation as a leading state in which to do business?

Business will locate where they can find quality employees. Employees want a clean environment, great public schools, a living wage, with access to quality health care and mental health care.

How do you plan to balance essential government services with the need to cut significant costs from government spending due to the COVID-19 impacts? What will be your priorities in this effort?

Essential government services are more important following COVID. We must ensure our communities have access to affordable housing, quality health care and mental health care, and improvements to infrastructure and high-speed internet.

What legislation would you introduce or support to help stimulate the economy?

Too many Iowans are falling through the cracks. We need access to affordable housing, quality health care and access to nutritious produce and groceries.

What policy changes would you propose or support to prepare for the next pandemic?

We need leadership who listen to scientists and facts, not opinions. Gov. Reynolds has put Iowans in an awful position, forcing in-person learning, not passing a mask mandate, and offering limited testing. We have learned the hard way how NOT to prepare for a pandemic in Iowa.

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