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State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire: Dave Deyoe

Posted on 09/28/2020 at 01:42 PM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

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What do you believe are the two most pressing challenges/opportunities facing Iowa’s ability to attract talent and workforce? What are your plans to address them?

Iowa historically has struggled to grow as fast as other states. A major factor is that we have the reputation of having an unfriendly tax environment. We have begun reforming our tax code and that must continue. One important opportunity we have here in the Ames are is the ability to attract businesses and Iowa State graduates with the ISU Research Park.

How will you help protect and expand Iowa’s reputation as a leading state in which to do business?

Iowa generally has a well-deserved reputation as a low-cost place for business. The exception is our tax code. We need to continue to work our lowering tax rates. We passed a phased-in reform a couple of years ago that has yet to go fully into effect. I am in favor of moving up those reforms as long as we can do it in a responsible way.

How do you plan to balance essential government services with the need to cut significant costs from government spending due to the COVID-19 impacts? What will be your priorities in this effort?

A recent national study found that Iowa is expected to have the smallest impact on state revenues because of COVID-19 (4%). And also, that Iowa is one of the states that is best positioned to respond, because of our large rainy-day fund balances and responsible budgeting. This past session we were able to keep our commitment to increase K-12 school funding while holding most of the rest of the budget steady.

What legislation would you introduce or support to help stimulate the economy?

Lower tax rates while simplifying the tax code.

What policy changes would you propose or support to prepare for the next pandemic?

Make sure that the Department of Public Health has adequate funding to do their job, support local hospitals and make sure we continue to train enough doctors and other healthcare workers. We can do all of this by budgeting in a responsible way.

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