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State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire: Jesse Green

Posted on 09/28/2020 at 01:42 PM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

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What do you believe are the two most pressing challenges/opportunities facing Iowa’s ability to attract talent and workforce? What are your plans to address them?

I believe we must make our good education system better. Today, Iowa schools are seeing students with more and more behavioral issues than previously due to the breakdown of the family and other factors. To better educate our future workforce we need to have lower class sizes and increased options for our students who are in a school system that may not fit their needs. We must raise the standard of education. Many students are just being pushed through a system that sets them up for failure. We all need to agree that this is happening and be proactive minded for solutions. It’s not always about money!

How will you help protect and expand Iowa’s reputation as a leading state in which to do business?

Both our individual income tax and corporate income tax rate are not competitive.  We need to build on the tax cuts passed by House and Senate Republicans in 2018.  We need to continue to flatten and simplify our tax code so that it is more friendly to prosperity. Secondly, our efforts to expand broadband access and investing in rural Iowa to improve the quality of life for rural Iowa is working.  However, we must continue to work hard to limit these factors so our rural areas are more equipped to attract business.

How do you plan to balance essential government services with the need to cut significant costs from government spending due to the COVID-19 impacts? What will be your priorities in this effort?

Due to conservative budging practices Iowa is well-set to come out of the COVID situation in a strong fiscal position. While we do not know the full impact to the state budget, I would expect us to make sure that we are prepared for to get us through this tough time.

What legislation would you introduce or support to help stimulate the economy?

I will back any legislation that flattens and simplifies the tax code. I would also like to look more closely at rules and regulations regarding our food supply chain. During the COVID shutdown we saw challenges in this area of agriculture.  After the situation we saw with our shutdown, I believe all of us were surprised at how easily the processing and distribution of our quality food products affected people.  I believe there are some simple proactive steps that can be made to help create future jobs and healthy competition for rural Iowa.

What policy changes would you propose or support to prepare for the next pandemic?

We must continue conservative budging practices.  It was due to conservative budging that Iowa enjoys the number one ranking in the nation to be able to come out of this situation in the strongest position possible.  Citizens need to have the peace of mind that during hard times they can rely on their government to be stable and ready to respond to adversity.  This is what conservative policies have accomplished for Iowans.

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