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Story County Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire: John Henry

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What do you believe are the two most pressing challenges/opportunities facing Story County and how would you work to solve them? Similarly, what is your vision for Story County and how would you implement it? Please be specific.

1.  Effective, Efficient Government Budgeting and spending, Meeting existing citizen needs as determined by citizen input.

2.  Economic Development investments that will benefit the entire county, each community, all citizens.  (High Speed Internet for Rural Communities, Housing investments to improve community housing, and expanding the search for new businesses throughout the county.

How would you support Story County’s reputation as a leading county in which to do business?

Improved Communications ( High Speed Internet, more options and availability of  other communications), Improved roads, expanded recreational opportunities,( bike walking trails, outdoor activity areas) 

What are the most important transportation/infrastructure projects that should occur in Story County?

A full reevaluation of the roads and bridges, an emphasis on meeting the needs of Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Communications.  An expansion of communications and collaboration among individual communities and the county for expanding services and opportunities for growth.

What workforce development strategies would you support or help to implement?

There is becoming an issue with skilled trades in Iowa, more HVAC, Electricians, Plumbing groups and Household appliance repair technicians and businesses are needed to meet the needs.  We should expand and enable the apprenticeship and journeyman positions in these areas and find additional ways to educate the next generation of skilled tradesmen.

What economic development strategies (financing or otherwise) would you prioritize to ensure Story County captures its fair share of future job growth and maintains its economic competitiveness?

County wide collaboration efforts are needed to expand opportunities.  These could be in traditional economic development( new expanded businesses) it could be in additional training opportunities, or in creating additional development zones for start up enterprises.  Collaboration and cooperation are keys to such ventures, businesses, financing, government and community groups need to work together.

If elected, how would you manage collaborating with your colleagues on difficult countywide issues?

Honesty, integrity, and intelligent conversations, seeking the truth, the real issues, and finding solutions within colleagues, and also the communities we serve.  Strong root cause work, to find the real problem, then systematic evaluation and developing a plan to resolve the issues.

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