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Story County Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire: Lisa Heddens

Posted on 09/28/2020 at 09:48 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

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What do you believe are the two most pressing challenges/opportunities facing Story County and how would you work to solve them? Similarly, what is your vision for Story County and how would you implement it? Please be specific.

1.Continue to provide the highest level of service in most economical way. Face reality that state and federal resources will decline but mandates will increase.

2. Consistent dependable broadband connectivity.  Seek state and federal grants to enhance quality connectivity. My vision is to provide competent leadership. Continue reviewing and addressing infrastructure needs. Look at ways to help smaller communities grow. Promote public-private economic development partnerships. Support farmers to ensure they have access to soil preservation and other programs that support their industry.

How would you support Story County’s reputation as a leading county in which to do business?

By continuing our partnership with the Ames Chamber of Commerce, local municipalities and other Chambers of Commerce throughout the county to showcase economic development initiatives and elevate the positive attributes and opportunities throughout Story County.

What are the most important transportation/infrastructure projects that should occur in Story County?

Projects that should occur in Story County are laid out in our 5-year plan.  Some of those identified include;

  • Resurface E23 - Gilbert east
  • Resurface R38 - Slater to Ames
  • Resurface E18 - Highway 69 to Roland
  • 535th Ave - pave for HOI Trail
  • Pave 220th St - 580th - 600th
  • We have several bridges needing to be replaced throughout the county as well.
  • Additionally, roundabouts on George Washington Carver at Cameron School Road and 190th Street and consider one at 190th and Grant Avenue to address increase traffic flow between Ames and Gilbert.

What workforce development strategies would you support or help to implement?

I would continue to support the Ames Chamber and the work they are doing particularly with their Workforce Solutions Programming. This programming benefits the entire county with people looking for careers in various job sectors that may be available throughout Story County.

What economic development strategies (financing or otherwise) would you prioritize to ensure Story County captures its fair share of future job growth and maintains its economic competitiveness?

Continue our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, local municipalities and our state and federal partners.  Continually review the county's 5-year plan to address infrastructure needs and how it supports economic development projects.

If elected, how would you manage collaborating with your colleagues on difficult countywide issues?

Communication is key. Listening to each other’s ideas and concerns is essential. Resolution can be found, but if you only believe your ideas are best and not open to the ideas of your colleagues, progress ends and gridlock overtakes the situation.  This will lead to dysfunction of the supervisors and lower morale of county staff.

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