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Teaching for the Workforce Academy

Posted on 03/22/2021 at 04:34 PM by Allee Wengert

When talking with our members about recruiting talent, one of the most common topics we hear about is the challenges and opportunities in young hires. So often, young employees come in with technical training but, to no fault of their own, lack real-world experience and the understanding of the expectations that come will full-time employment.

To help relieve that pain point, the Chamber is partnering with the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) for a third year to host the Teaching for the Workforce Academy (TFTW).

Teaching for the Workforce is a four-day, license renewal course that brings teachers, counselors and other education employees together to learn about local industries, hiring needs and practices, and identify potential business partners for work-based learning collaborations. Connecting with local businesses provides valuable perspective on what employers are looking for when making hiring decisions.

Participants explore the worlds high-demand industries including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, information technology and more. The class hears from nearly 30 speakers in a variety of industries through panels, networking events, tours, and presentations. Not only do participants make connections, many of them walk away with new strategies they are able to implement into their classrooms.

Upon graduation from the Academy, one participant commented, “There are so many different career paths other than the four-year degree plan. Companies strongly desire soft skills and they’re willing to invest in people who design to grow at their company.”

Spots are limited, so if you are an educator or know one who is interested in this course, sign up today!

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