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Ames' Other Super Park

Posted on 04/27/2021 at 10:43 AM by Allee Wengert

Last week we featured Ames’ “Super Park,” – Prairie View Industrial Center. Lucky for our community, Prairie View isn’t the only Super Park in town! With over 50 different recreational facilities from pools to the community center to parks, Ames’ newest park brings a fresh sense of inclusivity, thoughtfulness and fun to our community.

The Ames Miracle Playground and Field opened last October and is our first 100% accessible playground. Not only does it feature rubberized turf for safe and easy access for all, it also offers Swing Alley, Mushroom Cove (for young kids), Slider’s Canyon (for older kids), Spinners Squall, Miracle Field, Acorn Music Hall, a picnic area and a sensory plaza. Say it with me, WOW!

With so much to do in the park, there’s no doubt children of all ages will gleefully explore every nook and cranny. Visitors are welcomed by one of two signs – “Let Miracles Happen” and “Miracles Happen Here.” Who knew you could feel so inspired by a quick trip to a neighborhood park?

The project raised over $2.3 million, $700,000 more than the park’s original price tag. What does that tell us? That as a community, we were so united, we were so committed to offering this amenity to residents and visitors, that we came together and we made it happen.

If you haven’t visited the park yet, add it to your weekend to-do list. I promise, you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it.

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