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Athletic Club of Ames to Open this Fall

November 9, 2021

November 9, 2021

The Athletic Club of Ames (ACA), located at 300 South 17th Street, will be opening their doors this fall. This multilevel million-dollar gym offers clients of all ages an unmatched fitness experience. With 24-hour access, health coaches, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and an in-house physical therapy clinic operated by Home Team Physical Therapy, Athletic Club of Ames has taken a contemporary approach to wellness and redefined what a gym can be.

Members will receive a complimentary meeting with an Athletic Club health coach and a Home Team physical therapist who together will track the member’s health and fitness progress from day one including body composition, cardiovascular health, mobility limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and help identify fitness goals that tee up to a personalized fitness progression.

ACA offers up the space and advanced equipment for folks with diverse fitness interests. From cardio equipment, Olympic and power-lifting equipment to turf space for dynamic training, ACA offers it all — and for all. To couple with the expansive fitness offerings are impressive recovery services provided by Home Team Physical Therapy. “We can address any soreness or muscle tightness when members — or non-members — need to be in their peak condition. Recovery sessions can include dry needling, cupping, kinseotaping, massage, etc. ACA and Home Team are both passionate about being a convenient, one-stop-shop for active adults and athletes in Ames”, says Dr. Gunnar Wyatt, Physical Therapist, founder and co-owner of Home Team.

ACA is a community collaboration impacting youth by partnering with YSS. Providing weekly fitness for all of YSS youth participants and a wellness program for the YSS employee base. “We’re so grateful for our partnership with ACA as it is huge for our organization. Days at the gym with their staff are some of the best days for YSS kids and have created a huge boost in confidence!”, mentions Andrew Allen, YSS President and CEO.

“We are excited to have a new location inside the Athletic Club who shares a similar vision and mission to provide a multi-dimensional wellness environment for active people wanting to live and move without limitations or pain.”, says Dr. Megan Burt, Physical Therapist and co-owner of Home Team.

About the Athletic Club of Ames
For more information and to join the Athletic Club of Ames, visit

About Home Team Wellness & Recovery
Home Team Wellness & Recovery guides active individuals in the greater Ames area in maintaining or improving their movement and/or performance with specialized one-one-one physical therapy, movement analysis and recovery services. To learn more about Home Team’s offerings, visit

About YSS
YSS, a for-impact nonprofit, founded in 1976 as Iowa’s first emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth, is committed to creating hope and opportunity by putting kids first. Formerly known as the Shelter House, Rosedale Shelter has served over 8,2000 children since its inception. Today, YSS programs provide comprehensive and community-based support to ensure youth are valued and empowered to stand strong through prevention, treatment, transition, and child welfare services for more than 20,000 kids each year. YSS’s promise to youth and families is to believe in their potential, meet them where they are, and invest in their future to become self-sufficient and healthy in mind, body and spirit. For more information on YSS and programs, please visit or follow us @weareYSS.

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