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Welcome Home ISU Students!

As we prepare for thousands of ISU students to return to Ames, we have an incredible opportunity to show them their impact on our community. It's up to us to make them feel welcome, & share with them the new expectations of our community. Join our "Welcome Home" campaign to show our students we recognize their impact and we're glad they have finally returned!

This campaign hopes to bring everyone together and spread positive vigor throughout the county. Let's work together and build them up for success.


Please join us in welcoming the students back to Ames! Whatever you do, use the tag #StoryCountyStrong so we can reshare and amplify your message.

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Community Member Involvement

Cyclone Spirit

Break out the cardinal and gold and be sure to say hi as you see students around the community.

"Cy Hunts"

Remember the bear hunts from this spring? Let's bring them back with an Iowa State twist! Hang a picture of Cy in your window and see how many you can find around town.

Window Decorations

Channel your creativity and welcome students home with window decorations! This is a fun and easy way to show the students traveling through your neighborhood that you'd excited to have them back. 


Business Involvement

Window Displays

Channel your creativity and welcome students home with a window display! This is a fun and easy way to invite students and other community members into your business while promoting unity and Cyclone Spirit!


 A "Welcome Home" banner will greet students on Main Street this month. We encourage others to use space to display the "Welcome Home" message around town! Click here to see a list of printers who would be able to help you create a banner of your own. Below you'll find two examples of banners (1' x 4' and 4' x 8') we created for you. Click to download the zip drive with the files to send the printer. 



Greet students with a "Welcome Home" sign that also features the four healthy behaviors emphasized in the Cyclones Care campaign. Additional signage is available through Cyclone Cares. Most signs are standard 8.5" x 11" in size and some are editable so that each organization can list their specific contact information and requirements. 

Social Media Posts

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