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Dorothy Schumer

ACVB & Perfect Games

Dorothy Schumer

Tell us about your business and what you do.: Bookkeeper for Perfect Games and Ambassador for the ACVB

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador? Since it started.

Why do you serve as an Ambassador? To keep informed of what's going on in Ames, meeting new people and keeping up with others and serving our great community.

How else are involved in the community? Church committees, Ambassador for ACVB, Iowa Games, ISU Cyclone Club, Hosting Incoming Groups, ISU Athletic Committees & groups, ISU Alumni Assoc., Beep Baseball, Special Olympics, Ames Morning Rotary, and others.

What would you tell someone considering becoming a Chamber Ambassador or Member? It's the best way to get to know people, businesses, the community, and promote your business organization.

What's one of the most exciting things you see happening in Ames/Story County today? The people.

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