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Tiffany Tope

Stevens Memorial Chapel

Tiffany Tope

Tell us about your business and what you do.
Stevens Memorial Chapel is part of Dignity Memorial, the world's largest funeral service provider, with over 2,000 funeral homes, care centers, and cemeteries. I am the Community Relations Representative, which means I handle everything community-related, from outreach, networking, marketing, and planning any events that the funeral home is looking to provide the community.

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador?
2 years

Why do you serve as an Ambassador?
Since my job focuses on building relationships within the Ames community, the chamber helps me engage, meet new people, and it's a great way to advocate for the Ames Community as a whole.

How else are you involved in the community?
I am an active Board Member for FUEL Story County. I am the current Event Chair for the Alzheimer's Association's Ames Walk to End Alzheimer's. I am also very active in multiple other non-profit organizations throughout Central Iowa.

What would you tell someone considering becoming a Chamber Ambassador or Member?
The Chamber helps provide a lot of resources that can be found throughout Ames and Story County. You have the opportunity to really engage with the community, meet new people, and it opens up a lot of new opportunities you didn't know were there before.

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